Mission Gone Country: Garth Brooks And Trisha Yearwood Performed For Astronauts At NASA


NASA meets country music– talk about two worlds colliding. One celebrates everything celestial, while the other praises the gifts of the ground. When Garth Brooks showed up at Houston headquarters to perform for astronauts on the International Space Station, the mission was definitely a go. 

Houston, We Have Garth Brooks

In one of those feel-good moments of 2017, Garth Brooks’ voice broke the bounds of earth. In a performance that was out of this world, he and Trisha Yearwood performed for some incredibly special fans. As a result, space will never be the same.

The performance was for astronauts Jack Fisher and Dr. Peggy Whitson. According to CMT, Fischer was on his first flight mission and Whitson had recently set a new record for most cumulative days spent in orbit.

Brooks and Yearwood were able to have a 15-minute conversation with the orbiting pair, via video conference from NASA’S Mission Control in Houston. It was also broadcast on Brooks’ Facebook Live series, Inside Studio G.

Of course, when you’re Garth Brooks, you get far more than the usual cheesy astronaut banter. Brooks wanted to know about their families and their lives. The astronauts had substantive comments for Brooks. 

You can watch the entire interaction below.

“The River” Meets the Sky


International Space Station this is Houston NASA. Are you ready for Garth? #GARTHatNASA Special Edition of #StudioG

Posted by Garth Brooks on Thursday, June 29, 2017

During their conversation, Fisher revealed that “The River” was his favorite song. He said it was the first song on the pre-launch playlist he listened to before departing earth from Kazakhstan on April 20.

He went on to tell Brooks, “You have so many great songs and so many great messages, but it’s the heart that you put into every performance and the soul you put into all those songs that makes them so impactful.”

Brooks, known to be one to show his emotions, wiped away what looked like a tear. He thanked Fisher for his comments and for “hearing the music.”  

Brooks then performed “The River” for Fisher, with Yearwood on harmony vocals.

But the country music power couple didn’t stop there. Yearwood surprised Fisher with an opportunity to speak with his wife and daughter, who were also there for the visit. And then she promised the two astronauts home-cooked versions of their favorite foods when they return to Earth.

It’s incredible to think that the two powerful voices of music and science could come together in such a way.