Despite sinking ratings, Duck Dynasty reality TV is determined to continue.  

The Spin-off You Never Saw Coming`

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Earlier this year A&E released “Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty”  This series followed the lives of the younger Robertson brother and his wife as they adopted a new child into their family.  After the success of one spin-off show, the network has reportedly decided to continue tapping into the specific lives of the Duck Dynasty cast members.  It is rumored that Si Robertson will receive his own show. Fittingly, it will be entitled “Going Si-ral” and will feature Si shenanigans.  

“Going Si-ral” to feature a music career for Uncle Si

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When Fox News recently asked Si Robertson about his upcoming projects he stated: “Matter of fact, I just did ten episodes of a new show!”  Gurney Productions has filed for Louisiana State tax credit, and we’re pretty sure the series was filmed in its entirety June 13- July 22 of 2016.  No official statements have been made by A&E about the premiere or premise of the show, but a music career is rumored.  We would love to see Uncle Si play the Opry!

Why We Love Si Robertson

Uncle Si is a fan favorite of the Duck Dynasty cast.  He’s lovable, eccentric, and always brings incredible one-liners to the dialogue of the show.  We predict his series will do very well due to his massive fan following.  Si is a Vietnam War veteran, lover of tea, and very successful author.  He seems to excel in all he does.  Viewers love that he is so fun to laugh with, and laugh at!  

Inspiration for the Series Drawn From a Previous Episode

Some have speculated that the name for the upcoming series draws from an earlier episode of Duck Dynasty with the same name.  “Going Si-ral” is the name of episode 9 of season 4, and features Si’s silly antics.  In this episode, Jase warns, “You have to be extremely careful when introducing Si to new technology!”  As a result, Si becomes obsessed with Youtube and decides to make instructional videos.

Here are a few of the subjects he believes he is qualified to teach:

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“I can tell them how to…

Train dogs

Catch a fish

How to walk  and talk

How to eat a hard taco without all the good stuff falling out of it

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Give a Proper Handshake

Tea Refill

Bathroom break

How to Dougie

and How to play golf!”

We certainly hope all of these things are covered in the new series!

When asked where he acquired his credentials, Si stated, “I don’t need wooden teeth to teach about George Washington!”  He sure has a point.

We expect Great things

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All in all, “Going Si-Ral” excites Duck Dynasty fans who have been searching for something new and different from the franchise.  We’ll keep you posted on when this sure-fire hit will be premiering!


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