Garth Brooks Has An Incredibly Endearing Christmas Wish You Need To Hear


Garth Brooks almost singlehandedly created modern country music. And with that fame and status, the star has his pick of any collaborator he chooses. But in a recent press conference, Brooks was clear that his Christmas wish was for a very special collaboration. Sadly, it cannot be granted.

Christmas wish
Garth Brooks (photo from The Hollowverse)

A special Christmas wish

It’s the time of year when people’s thoughts often drift to loved ones and family members they have lost. And so when asked who Garth Brooks wants to sing with more than anyone else, his answer was endearing and unsurprising. 

Brooks said that he wants to sing again with someone incredibly special to him: his late mother, Colleen Carroll. “Just to see her one more time. Just to get to smell her and hear her and hug her, that would be unreal,” Brooks said at the press conference.

Carroll was actually a singer in the 1950s on the Capitol Records label. She sadly died of cancer in 1999. Brooks‘ career followed in his mother’s footsteps, so far surpassing her in fame. 

This isn’t the first time the star has paid homage to his dear mother.

Christmas wish
Garth Brooks (photo from


Not shy in expressing his affection for his mother, Garth Brooks recorded the moving song “Mom” as part of his 2014 Man Against Machine album. The track tells the story of a conversation between a mother and her unborn son. The year of its release, Brooks performed the song on Good Morning America.

The audience was in tears. 

Brooks also has struggled to get through the song, giving more evidence to the closeness of the relationship he shared with his mother. And he is clear that he feels the same way about his children. 

In a separate interview (this one in Connecticut), he commented on what being a parent means to him.

“They live with you forever, which is what you’re supposed to do. And I’m convinced as a parent, that your kids are not going to feel that way about you ’til you’re gone,” Brooks said.

It’s terribly tragic that Brooks can’t have his special Christmas wish, but it’s equally sweet. Clearly, Brooks still loves his mother. And safe to say that feeling was mutual. No doubt that Brooks’ mother left this earth unspeakably proud of the son she raised.