The Not-So-Famous First Wives of Country Music


There are some incredibly amazing country music love stories. But not all of those are exactly as they appear. In fact, some of the most famous country music artists have some pretty not-so-famous first wives. So just who are the members of the not-so-famous first wives club of country music? We have them here.

Jessica Ussery

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Jason Aldean with first wife Jessica Ussery (photo from Country Fancast)

Most Jason Aldean fans know that Brittany Kerr isn’t Aldean’s first wife. But most don’t know much about Jessica Ussery, despite the 11 years she spent as Aldean’s wife. 

Jessica and Jason are actually a pretty classic country romance. The two met at their small high school in Macon, Georgia. Jason Aldean was Jason Aldine Williams back then. As such, Williams was Jessica’s last name while they were married. They married in late summer of 2001 and then had two daughters. Keely arrived in 2003. Four years later, her did sister Kendyl was born. 

Jason and Jessica seemed like a happy couple. In fact, Jessica was quite instrumental in Jason’s career, working as his manager. “She handles all the stuff I don’t want to handle,” Aldean said in 2011. “I’m the guy who wants to play my music and meet my fans. She picks up the phone and makes the business call. When it comes to the music, she’ll give me her opinion if I ask her but that’s about it. It works out pretty good.”

However, the two split after his cheating scandal with American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr became public. Kerr is nine years younger than Jessica. Oddly, it was actually Jason who filed for the divorce. Jessica, however, also moved on with her life. She married Jake Marlin in 2015. A father of two and an electric lineman, her marital life is now about 180 degrees from what it was. 

Sandy Mahl

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