5 Inspiring Ways Luke Bryan Fathers A Family Of 5 Kids


The father of two children and the adopted father of three more, Luke Bryan knows a thing or two about parenting. For him and his wife, Caroline Boyer Bryan, being parents are an integral part of their lives. But it isn’t easy. Parenting is difficult no matter who you are. But with Luke being away from home as much as he is, there can be unexpected challenges. So how does he deal with them and what does being a father mean to Luke Bryan?

The Kids

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Luke and Caroline Bryan are parents to 5 children. Together, they have two sons. Thomas Boyer Bryan, whom they call “Bo,” arrived on March 18, 2008. His brother is Tatum Christopher Bryan. “Tate” as they call him, was born on August 11, 2010.

But it wasn’t long before the Bryan family grew, both fast and unexpectedly.

Most Luke Bryan fans know how much tragedy he has experienced. When Luke Bryan was 19, he lost his brother Chris in a car accident. Three years after Luke and Caroline married, Luke lost his sister. The cause of his death was unclear. Luke’s brother-in-law was then raising the couple’s three children. However, he tragically passed away in 2014, leaving the three children, Jordan, Kris, and Til without parents. Luke and Caroline immediately decided to foster the kids, who were already in their late teens and early 20s.

Now the couple is raising five children, three of whom live there full-time (their two sons and their teenage nephew live with them full-time but their two nieces were already in college when the Bryan’s adopted them). They are also parents to a large number of animals. One can only imagine how crazy it gets in the Bryan household. 

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