Dog saves boy stranded in mountains

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-24

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Step aside, Lassie. It’s Max’s turn to be the hero rescuer.

Max, a labrador, was looking out for Juan Heriberto Trevino of Galeana, Mexico. Juan was at a summer camp in the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range, where Max was somewhat of a camp mascot. Juan decided to go off into the woods to get some more firewood, a perfectly good idea and necessary to do while camping.

But this wasn’t a typical firewood-collecting trip. This is when things must have become surreal for the boy.

All of sudden, while attempting to get some branches for burning, Juan slipped down into a ravine, collided with a tree, and continued to fall down into a dry riverbed.

Fortunately, Max had followed the boy. He stayed right by Juan. He even led Juan to a puddle from which the two of them could drink.

“Now at night…I did not move because if you move at night you lose more [energy],” Juan said. “I grabbed [Max] and put him on my legs to not be so cold and hugged the dog.”

The boy and dog walked along the dry riverbed until they got very tired. They eventually came upon a cabin, where the kind people inside invited them in until a rescue crew arrived.

They had been missing for more than 40 hours.

inspirational stories, animal stories
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Martin Castillo, the deputy director of the local police, said that the part of the mountains they were in is a very easy place to get lost.

“It’s very cold at night as it is very high,” he said. “The child was lucky to find the dog,”

Juan is back home with his family, and Max is back home with his owner, even though Juan wanted to adopt the dog. After all, the dog saved his life.

inspirational stories, animal stories
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