6 Great Outdoor Activities for the Country

outdoor activities
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Summer and fall are really the best seasons of the year for being out in the fresh air. We already know that women who live around greenery live longer. And as the Huffington Post reports, getting outside can help spur weight loss, increase brain function, and reduce stress. The outdoors can help with depression, building your immunity, and improving your attention span, according to health.com.

I don’t know about you, but I want those things. The question is, why wouldn’t you go outside?

Chances are, you’ve got this whole “outdoors” thing down pat. But here are some outdoor activities you may not have done for a while.

Go to an outdoor music festival

outdoor activities
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This is a great way to take a road trip, get outside, meet people, and listen to great music. 

You can check out everfest, a great source for country music festivals in your area. Or you could do a simple Google search to find the best festivals around.

Have a Bonfire

As a country person at heart, how can you not have a bonfire? You don’t need to be told to do this. It’s natural for you.

But seriously, bonfires are pretty great. Pass around the S’mores and hot apple cider. And, after you’ve learned to play your favorite country songs, pull out the guitar and you’re golden. You’ve officially entered summer.

Get Muddy

outdoor activities
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Fall is the time for the best mud; it’s rained, the weather isn’t too hot but not too cold. This is the perfect time to break out the ATVs and three-wheelers, ride into the woods, and hit some jumps over (or into) a mud puddle.

Plus, muddiness is country-ness.

Go Hunting

outdoor activities
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No matter the season, hunting is always a must. Whether it’s 4:30 a.m. or in the evening, it’s always the best time to hunt. That 10-pointer is not going to shoot and skin itself. Bring a friend, your dad, or just go by yourself — it doesn’t matter! Load up and get out there.

Take a hike

Just get outta here — we mean it literally! And your front yard doesn’t count.

Try to follow this rule: you have be at least a 20-minute drive away from your house for it to count as “getting out.” Pack up a cooler full of food, dessert, and a couple cold ones. See you out there!

Visit an Orchard

outdoor activities
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Man was made to work the ground, right? I mean, if no one did, none of us would have any food. Why not show your appreciation for all types of farmers by visiting an orchard.

Pumpkin, apple, grapes — you’ve got options. Heck, go visit a cornfield or a wheatfield (make sure to ask first) play hide and seek, or whatever your outdoor game of choice.

These are just five options — there are 1,000s of ideas for outdoorsy stuff. Share some of your ideas in the comments so the rest of us can try them out!