With the advent of the Christmas season upon us, one or two questions might run through your mind.

What can I do with the grandkids to make the season meaningful? Is there any special item I can get for children who already have so much?

Great Gift Suggestion

Source Credit: lindagoldfarb.com Source Credit: lindagoldfarb.com

Your problem is solved. Linda Goldfarb and Kelly Harris are storytellers extraordinaire whose combined talents produced one of this year’s most creative projects, Lovey Mouse in The Night Before ChristmasYou won’t want to miss one of the most unique gift ideas this season!

This fun adventure book combines the best elements from many different creative mediums. The delightful poetic story draws readers into Lovey Mouse’s Christmas adventures in a book where children can interactively seek-n-find Lovey Mouse. If they want a quieter activity, they can color and decorate to their own liking. An audio download is also available, so you don’t even have to do the reading.

Reading to your grandchildren is a great way to draw closer to them. Snuggle time and moments when you focus on the same thing–the book–create moments you both will treasure for a lifetime. As you read a creative story, whether fiction or nonfiction, doors open for discussion about subjects that might otherwise have never come up.

As grandchildren enter the literary world, they feel safe to relate their worlds to the experiences and truths within the book. There’s no better gift a grandparent can receive than to hear a child’s laughter and see happiness visible on their faces.

Through Lovey Mouse you explore the true meaning of Christmas and see Eliza Jean’s life changed through the holy holiday. And at the low price point of only $3.99, your kids won’t be the only ones jumping with joy–your wallet will too. 

Best Gift Ever

Linda Goldfarb says, “We wanted to bring the element of slowing down and being present with your grandchildren, even if it is just for 30 minutes. That can make a difference. Sometimes parents and grandparents don’t know what to say and we are going to help them through Lovey Mouse. For a moment, the family gathers and they are listening together.”

Co-author Kelly Harris agrees. “Grandparents and parents can use Lovey Mouse’s adventures as conversation starters for their families.”

Are you looking for a great gift for your grandchildren this season? Make it a gift of time. Instead of giving them a present, give them your presence.

Read a book, go for a walk, play a game, take them away for a weekend. Nothing says “I love you” like a block of time! Whisk your grandchildren into a world created especially for you and them, with the very affordable, Lovey Mouse in the Night Before Christmas

Source Credit: anitabrooks.comSource Credit: anitabrooks.com

Goldfarb says, “For many families this is the present that is missing—the presence of their grandparents.”

In today’s culture, it’s hard to know what gifts are in, or what the children in your life might like, while staying within your budget. But you can’t go wrong when you give them time and a part of yourself–it’s the best gift ever.

Don’t let any present be missing from your tree this year, especially the gift of your presence! It’s something no one else can give them, and it’s perfect for the child who seems to have it all. 

How much time do you spend with your grandchildren?

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