Creating crafts using plastic soda bottles are just one way to prove that some people’s garbage is other people’s treasure.

But I bet you don’t even have to rummage other people’s garbage to find plastic soda bottles. Seriously, just look in your own bin, or garbage bag. There is a big possibility that you’re going to find one or more there.

1.5 and 2-Liter soda have been a staple in our picnics, camping, and snacks. That is why these projects won’t just be easy to make, the materials will also be easy to find!

By re-purposing old plastic bottles, you’re not only saving Mother Nature from further destruction. You’re also creating adorable crafts using plastic soda bottles that you and other people will love.

Easy Crafts Using Soda Bottles # 1: Lamps and Chandeliers

I know you’re not surprised but the word chandelier might have you saying, “What? Are you kidding me?”

No, I’m not kidding you. And these definitely will be easy to make.

For the chandelier, you just need to gather a LOT of soda bottles. Okay, maybe that’s the hard part.

You are going to need the bottom part, the one that looks like a flower. Cut those flowers, connect them using strings, and attach them to metal rings around a bulb.

You can use the rest of the bottle to make a Cloche on item #2 of this list.

For the lamp pictured above, you’ll be needing the top portion of the bottle.

Cut several vertical strips on the bottle’s side. After doing that, cut the bottle horizontally in half.

After doing this turn the bottle by pulling the strips to its mouth and gluing them. Form these flowers in a ball around the bulb.

Easy Crafts Using Soda Bottles # 2: Cloche

As mentioned above, you can use the top part of the bottle (the piece you didn’t use when making the chandelier) on this time.

Firstly, make the bottle sturdy by running the bottom cut part on a heated nonstick pan. After doing this, remove the part of the bottle where you screw the cap.

Glue a floating bubble or a transparent ball on top of the bottle using clear adhesive. You’re done! Put it on top of your base.

For the base, you can make any scenario applicable to the season. You may also do an all-year décor like the Beauty and the Beast rose.

Easy Crafts Using Soda Bottles # 3: Hanging Planters

This will be useful especially in areas where there’s limited land (like the big cities!). You can make these as herbs or ornament plants planter.

Simply cut a hole on the bottles side and that’s it! Fill it with soil and your plant, tie it with rope or string and hang them.

Do not forget to put holes on the underside of your planter to avoid drowning your plants when watering them.

Easy Crafts Using Soda Bottles # 4: Accessory Organizer

For this project, you are going to need the bottom part of a soda bottle again.

Simply cut six soda bottles and look for a nice base. Glue four of the soda bottoms on the base using strong adhesive.

Attach a wooden stick or metal rod at the center of the base. Insert the two remaining bottle bottoms here to create a multi-layered organizer. Use glue gun on the underside of these to keep them from falling.

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