8 Important Things To Remember If You’re Starting A Yoga Practice


When you first start your yoga practice, it’s easy to rush and try out all the different postures, bending and stretching your body in ways it is not used to. But yoga is a lifelong practice and becomes an integral part of you and develops with you. There are, however, important things to consider.

yoga practice   

1.  Yoga Practice: Your Starting Points

There are some basic rules around each yoga session or class that you need to be familiar with prior to starting out. If you have any health issues, it is certainly worth discussing these with your yoga teacher. This is because some postures will not be suitable for you. A good yoga teacher will also be able to adapt some postures to suit your needs. Even if they can’t, they can remind you to sit out during this part of the session. If your yoga practice is self-taught, then you may wish to check with your doctor to be sure that any injuries will not become worse as a result of your yoga practice. 

2. The Learning Curve

Give yourself time to learn each of the yoga poses properly. This is especially important if you are practicing yoga at home and without the guidance of a teacher. Purchase a good DVD for beginners or invest in an in-depth book that visually depicts the best way to approach each pose. You need to understand the benefits of doing so.

It’s all too easy to make little mistakes when you first start out. You may curve the spine instead of keeping your back flat and extending from the hips. You may need to lengthen the spine before performing a twisting movement. It’s important to not become a casualty of your own yoga practice. Learn the pose and get the position right. If you can, it’s worth signing up for an online yoga membership so that you can watch videos that depict the right postures and you can emulate this at home.

yoga practice

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