7 Top Tips for Managing Change – Go With The Flow


Most people hate change. We struggle against it, resist it, and fear it. Yet, change occurs whether we like it or not. So, if possible, it’s best to embrace it. There are many methods for accepting change including utilizing the power of yoga. Here’s how to make change work for you.


1) Denial

When life has been ticking along quite nicely, the last thing we want is for change to undermine the foundations of our lives. Before we react negatively, we should identify whether any changes work for or against us. Sometimes, we fight change so hard that we realize eventually it is just because we did not understand the implications. We slip into a state of denial and use resistance as our armor. However, sometimes we must accept that it is happening and be okay with it. After all, it’s far less stressful to go with the flow of life than to challenge change.

2) Maintain Your Schedule

When change occurs, it may happen on a large scale and impacts life significantly. By trying to maintain some consistency and taking care of yourself, this helps anchor you. You don’t need to expend energy on fighting it, resisting it, or resenting it. Instead, simply manage consistency so that you are standing on firm foundations while all else changes around you.

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