Fast And Easy Ways To Incorporate Vitamin C Into Your Diet


The health benefits of vitamin C are vast, although many people just associate the vitamin with immune functions. Although this is important, vitamin C does so much more. It’s a valuable micro-nutrient and levels must be balanced every day. Fortunately, it is easy to incorporate this vitamin into your diet. 

health benefits of vitamin C

The Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin. It is vital for your nutritional needs since insufficient levels of this vitamin can lead to some serious health concerns which include gingivitis. When your intake of vitamin C is sufficient, it helps you fight off potential illnesses and infections.

It has an important role as an antioxidant, which eradicates free radicals and as such, reduces the risk of disease and inflammation within the body. It is required to produce compounds such as L-carnitine and for neurotransmitters. Your body uses vitamin C to synthesize collagen and connective tissue which includes the skin, bone, and blood vessels. In addition, it may protect your body from the risk of a variety of cancer types as it protects against free radicals and also neutralizes the preservatives found in some packaged foods. The health benefits of vitamin C are worth pursuing.

Colds and Flu

health benefits of vitamin C

On a supplemental level, if you take extra vitamin C during the first indication of a cold or flu virus, it boosts the function of the immune system combating its assault on the body. Therefore, it may actively fight off the onset of these illnesses and may reduce the recovery period. Vitamin C can affect blood sugar levels and so, if you are a diabetic, do keep an eye on this if increasing the dosage.  

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