Combat Wrinkles With These 4 Yoga Poses That Increase Blood Flow


With age comes wisdom, something all of us yogis strive for. Although, when the natural aging process occurs, we aren’t always happy to see the wrinkles staring back at us in the mirror. Here are four yoga poses that will help to fight wrinkles and bring you healthy, glowing skin.


Standing Forward Bend

The forward folding in this asana encourages blood flow to the head, which increases circulation and relaxes the facial muscles.

Image Credit: Everyday Health

Triangle Pose

The flow of blood in this pose removes the toxins in the body that accelerate signs of aging.

Image Credit: Stylecraze

Cobra Pose

Opening your heart to the sky, cobra pose improves breathing and brings oxygen to the body. This increased circulation helps to kill free radicals and fight premature aging.

Image Credit: Yoga Journal

Legs Up the Wall Pose

This pose is also great for increasing circulation and the flow of oxygen to the face.  Breath deeply to flush out toxins and find relaxation.

Image Credit: DoYouYoga