Discover How Yoga Practice Can Help Senior Citizens


Age may be just a number and these days those who are in their advancing years, often have as much zest for life as those who are half their ages. But, senior citizens can keep age at bay even more by utilizing yoga.

senior citizens

We are only as young as our spines

This is so true. Think about it. If you have hurt your back before and movement was limited and painful, you will know the importance of the health and flexibility of the spine. Someone who is flexible and who can move with grace, looks younger. Importantly, for those senior citizens who wish to stay healthy and young-looking, yoga provides a great way to do so.

Yoga and healing

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga. It doesn’t matter how old someone is, or even how inflexible. The whole point of yoga is to improve flexibility and to keep the physical body healthy. Of course, there are a great many other benefits too and yoga works the whole body and improves, the mind and body connection. We could say that yoga is the secret elixir of life and it most definitely slows down the aging process. It helps with balance, flexibility and increases strength. But, it can reduce pain, yes, even chronic, long-term pain. Yoga helps to combat stress and reduces anxiousness. It increases clarity of mind, improves digestion and heart health. Blood circulation improves too.

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Chair yoga for senior citizens

It’s important to note that even if limited with mobility, there are easy workarounds. Do only as much as you can do without straining. You can even perform yoga while sitting in your chair. Each posture is adaptable. Chair yoga is a great starting point and perfect for anyone wheelchair bound. Movement, even if just one inch, is still wonderful as a starting point and you can build upon these foundations. When you have to spend time resting in bed, yoga can be utilized just the same. 

The great thing is that yoga can be personalized. Practice it so that it increases your life’s potential. Work with your body and not against it. This way, your health and well-being increase substantially. Practice breathing exercises so to oxygenate not just your body, but your brain too. Practice little and often and always be mindful of your own health, ensuring you do not push your body into postures that it is not ready for. With care and attention, your mind and body will feel better than ever.