Why YOU Don’t Have Lower Abs( 1 Easy Fix)


Too many times, I hear guys or girls talking here no matter what they do, they can’t get their lower abs to pop out.. Granted most of them don’t have a low enough body fat percentage, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say they do .. The most common issue I see when guys or girls are at the gym Seek to hit their lower abs, is they’re not actually even targeting their lower abdominals at all! They’re too focused on simply knocking out those 10 reps and get their knees up utilizing any muscle possible .. And then they think if they don’t get those 10 reps, it was a failed situated, therefore they cheat even more.

Well, the issue with how most people do lower ab exerts is that they’re primarily only utilizing their hip flexors. This is why when you go and try an ab exert that is supposed to target lower abs, you feel the burn right above your hips and never actually get sore in your lower abdomen.

Whereas, if you actually focused on raising your lower body by tucking your lower abs in and building sure you get the curvature of your lower spine at the peak of the exercise, you will find that you isolate your lower abs better than you ever have before.

Try it out!