Wellness Check: Got your Six Pack Abs at Last but Breathing Troubles Suddenly Occur – Now What?


You definitely deserve a reward achieving the six pack abs goal by defeating all odds in the weights department – but just as when you are about to celebrate, everything felt so tight and breathing is obviously short and painful.

But wait, this is not the time for despair. Do not allow your workout motivation to diminish just yet. Since men have the most fats in the stomach, you were probably just overdoing it. Having that winning shredded look might be flattering for as long as real life functions must not be hindered. Sorting out dscomforts at ones will save you from unnecessary injuries.



Test it out

Try taking a deep breath while doing the Garland Pose. It is basically the same as the Goblet squat with the emphasis on the breathing balance. Slowly inhale and exhale at equal counts of eight. Heels should be both flat down into the floor with feet positioned symmetrically parallel from each other. Inhale first before bending the knee as you open up your thighs. Fit your elbows into the widened thighs with both palms together, then exhale slowly.

If you have a hard time breathing deeply while doing just that, your six-pack abs are already tightly contracted unnaturally that can make you prone to bleeding internally. It is vital that any training you do for your abs must also make considerations for your breathing muscles to be able to stabilize normal functions.

Pose and move

Good posture and physical functionality of the body must not be ignored for total wellness when establishing core strength. Abnormally compacted abs that resulted from the following exercises must be corrected:

  • Holding the belly in restricted ribs movement is altering normal functionality that short-changes breathing, body alignment, proper digestion, elimination, sense of feeling, natural movements and positive moods.
  • Exhaling extensively while lifting, contracting and forward bending ignoring the exhale-inhale balance shortens the frontal torso thus extending the spine than can give you an unwanted transformation.

Balancing act

The key as always is in the balance. Try these muscle-friendly habits for your workout and fat shredding lifestyle:

  1. Train four times a week lasting for only an hour per session.
  2. Combine weight training and cardiovascular routines to avoid wearing yourself out with too much lifting exercises.
  3. Just follow your Macros or diet calculation and no need to be too hard on yourself for as long as you are taking sufficient amount daily for the nutrients needed like carbs for bulking, protein for building and the right proportion of fats. Make sure to monitor your progress using a weight loss calculator.
  4. You may have to prepare your own food to get the accurate weight of your intake and nutrition.
  5. Take some supplements particularly multivitamins, l-carnitine, creatine, BCAAs, Omega 3s, Jym Whey protein, and a few more.
  6. Plan your meal like this:
BREAKFAST Oats, a scoop of protein (whey), blueberries
Two fried eggs (whole)
Bagel with peanut butter
MORNING SNACK Apple and Banana
Yogurt with nuts
LUNCH Lean chicken breast with rice and broccoli

Now that you already have some guidelines on how to maintain your six pack abs without the breathing difficulties, get on to this lifestyle change to live happily with that body you ever wanted!

Source: Healthtap