Top 3 Natural Ways To Defeat The Stress In Your Life


If you wake up in the morning and your first thoughts are of the ever-increasing levels of stressors that litter your life, it’s important to regain some control.  Stress and anxiety levels can very quickly escalate, in fact, they can overwhelm. They may also impact every decision you make because they muddle the mind. Change is vital.

stress and anxiety

Stress Management naturally 

It’s all too easy to slip into a stressful existence. We often are not even aware that it is happening. There may just be too many demands on your time and too many issues to deal with on your own and decision making? Well, you don’t even trust yourself to make key decisions anymore. Fatigue is a common by-product of stress and, when your energy levels fall, and your mind is cloudy, it’s easy to succumb to the perils of stress and anxiety. Dealing with issues seem impossible. Stress and anxiety can very quickly lead to poor health and sometimes, to serious illnesses. For this reason alone, you need to gain control over your life.  Of course, the natural approach is best.

The symptoms of stress and anxiety

There’s no getting away from the stresses of everyday life. We’d all like to live a stress-free existence but, this will never happen. Therefore, it’s more about how to manage stressors. Some common stressors are easier to eradicate, while for others, we must learn how to increase our resistance to them and to respond in a more positive way. But that’s not always easy to do. The symptoms of stress are far reaching. You may find you have difficulty sleeping, your concentration levels have plummeted like a stone, you feel agitated and exhausted. Prolonged stress is dangerous. It can also invade all areas of your life.

We know that there is a direct correlation between stress-induced heightened cortisol levels (overproduction as a result of the adrenal glands) and memory levels. So, when you struggle to recall certain information at times, this is why.  Stress also impacts the immune system and creates negative thoughts or feelings.  

Unresolved stress and anxiety issues can lead to many health problems as a direct result of a low functioning immune system. In addition, when the adrenal glands do not work sufficiently, this will have a correlation with other glands and hormones. Of course, this makes hormonal transitions more difficult to process. It could impact the thyroid gland which controls metabolism in the body. From these facts alone, it’s easy to see that managing stress and anxiety levels is extremely important.

stress and anxiety


Meditation is of the utmost importance. When you practice regularly, you can begin to relieve stress and feelings of anxiety because very quickly, you create the space between your thoughts and the demands of the day. By doing so, you can react to the stressors of life in a much different way. Without meditation, there is little chance of gaining space in the mind or of dealing with stressors in a positive way, because it can all become too much.

There is a great deal of relief to be gained through meditating regularly because it can open up that corridor between those day-to-day pressures enabling you to take a step back and to find moments of clarity. It teaches you to question your responses to stressful situations and to determine how to respond. This clarity alone can make a huge difference to any outcome. Meditation is also very good at alleviating some of the symptoms of stress. Headaches and niggling aches and pains in the muscles can begin to dissipate. You’ll feel more peaceful and energized and as these changes start to take place, you’ll feel better able to deal with some of the more serious issues of life.

High stress events

There are some stressful situations which are considered high stressful events. These include losing someone you love, changing jobs or moving to a new house. It’s understandable that when facing these types of events, that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Meditation can help to combat some of the negative or fearful feelings that may occur as a result.

Through meditation, you touch base with all emotions, but you unravel the grey areas of life through seeing with greater clarity. When the way forward is shrouded in fear, stress and anxiety, emotions are heightened in a negative way and affect perception of any situation. The more stress, the greater the confusion. Think of stress and anxiety as the obstacles blocking the route forward and meditation as the light shining into the darkness lighting up the pathway.

Managing health symptoms are one thing but, identifying the cause of any stressors is vital. Don’t be afraid of change, use meditation to settle the mind and to harness the positive elements that change can bring. It’s important to consider yourself. You must think about emotional and physical wellness so that you take a measured step to healing your life from stress and anxiety. Just remember, one small change can cause a positive ripple effect leading from the core outwards into all areas of your life.

stress and anxiety

Herbal remedies

Natural methods to help the mind and body deal with the bombardment of stressors in life is important. In other words, these do not mask the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Rather, they work with the body to promote greater resistance and health. If we look at herbs and, those that are classified as adaptogens’, know that these have a normalizing effect on your body. They are useful to help you combat the negative effect of stress. Other herbs are wonderful for reducing feelings of anxiety or for calming.

Rhodiola – This herb is extremely useful as an adaptogen. It should be taken to help combat fatigue which is caused as a result of stress and this includes both physically and mentally. It can help to improve mood and is useful for anyone who is under a great deal of pressure.

Siberian ginseng – this has adaptogenic properties to help improve resistance against ever rising workloads or physical exercise. It helps to improve increase mental alertness and influences how your body responds to stress. This means that it can reduce the productivity of the adrenal glands (cortisol) and can limit how stress hormones bind to receptors. So, there is a reduction of stress on your body. Siberian ginseng may also regulate blood pressure, give a boost to the immune system if it is not functioning well and improves the cardiovascular system.

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Herbs for sleep

Sleep is often impacted greatly during times of stress and anxiety. So, it makes sense to utilize the power of those herbs which have sedative effects. One well-known herb – available in tincture form is that of passionflower. You could also Valerian if preferred, and this is deemed a useful herb if it takes some time to fall asleep. Take Valerian for 2-3 weeks only, then change to an alternate herb. This ensure your body  does not become too used to it.


When under a great deal of pressure in life, the last thing you’re thinking of is the preparation of nutritious food.  You want something quick and easy, although, the right diet would help to combat against stress. You should opt for a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals and with adequate levels of protein. It should be rich in Omega 3 fats also. Ideally, you should avoid fluctuating mealtimes. Eating regularly and having healthy meals with a reduction of high sugar snacks is vital. It’s worth noting that refined carbohydrates which trigger insulin surges will therefore, stimulate the adrenal glands to produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. If your diet is not good, you may wish to consider a good supplement.  

stress and anxiety

B vitamins

B vitamins are vital to help combat the stresses in your life. They are important for the production of adrenal hormones, so, taking a B complex supplement is useful. In addition, vitamin B5 is essential for energy production and for stress hormones.

Vitamins C

As a water-soluble vitamin, it’s important to keep vitamins C levels topped up constantly. This is an important vitamin and involved in the production of the adrenal hormones. When stressed, vitamin C is excreted in higher amounts than would be usually. Therefore, it is important to take supplements during these times. Vitamin C is involved in immune function, it works as an antioxidant, for energy production as well as for the synthesis of collagen and of course, for repair.


Stress and anxiety should not be ignored, the negative effects are far too serious. However, it may help start the ball of change rolling if you take small, measured steps i.e. herbs to help you sleep and to relax you. Use meditation to clear the mind and then, solve one problem a day and so on. Try to eat nutritious food regularly, rather than eating on the run and try to make a little ‘you’ time. It’s worth noting that even making the effort to change one thing is empowering. With that, you’ll develop the ability to make more changes and to improve health and well-being.