Ramp Up the Vibrations in Your Dedicated Meditation Sanctuary


We talk about the importance of practicing meditation and dedicating time and effort to the practice, but nothing can make the session as powerful as when you create a sanctuary in your own home. But where do you start?


The home meditation sanctuary

Your home becomes a natural sanctuary. It should be warm and welcoming and provide you with an escape from the difficulties of everyday life. It’s a place to go to when you want to hide away from the world or, when you need nurturing or inner healing. You can extend this further by creating a meditation sanctuary in your home environment, it provides a powerful way to recharge energy levels. It’s so important to feel safe, secure and to know that the vibrations within the walls are positive ones, so ensure that your chosen room has a postive vibe, one that is conducive to your meditation session.

What are vibrations?

Everything that happens in your home – grief, stress, anxiousness can create bad energy vibrations around your home. Having a separate sanctuary just for inner healing and for your meditation needs, will power up those vibrations and make that room special. It will also increase your own energy levels and enable deep healing.

Clear out clutter

We all have a tendency to collect and keep non-essential items. Over time, cupboards, drawers and shelves start to over-fill until untidiness spills over into the room. This is why having a spare room just for your meditation is essential. Although you can meditate anywhere, it can really help if you can keep one room free and just for you. It needs to be synonymous with meditating or healing and will help you to mentally slip into the zone much sooner than if meditating elsewhere. Make sure it is clear from clutter. The space must be filled with positive energy and to do this, stagnant energies must be eradicated. 


Invite nature into your space

Once you have cleared the room from unnecessary clutter, open the windows and let fresh air circulate throughout. Allow plenty of of natural sunlight in so that any unhealthy or stagnant energy is cleared away. You may find that a Himalayan salt lamp in the room starts the good vibrations going but you can also perform a smudging ceremony so to eradicate negative energy.

You can easily purchase smudging sticks or, obtain a bundle of dried sage. Have a fireproof bowl, a candle and a feather. Open the windows and then, light the sage. Make sure the flames are fully extinguished and then, place the herbs safely in the bowl. Keep your intention positive and using the feather, waft this sacred smoke around your meditation sanctuary. It’s worth spending a little more time clearing the energy from the corners of the room. Visualize the space clearing from negative energy as you walk around the room. If you want to, you can use this purifying tradition throughout the house. You will feel the difference.


Aromatherapy oils

You can also provide a little cleansing ritual by using aromatherapy oils. Create an energizing spritzer and spray around your room. You can choose your favorite oils, rosemary, lavender and lemon work well but, your choice of oils is up to you. As you spray, make sure your thoughts are positive and dedicated to the task at hand, focus on banishing negative energies. Once you have done so, you can meditate knowing that you have created the perfect healing space. 

By creating a meditation sanctuary in your own home and clearing out negative energies, you will find that your meditation sessions are greatly enhanced. Try it and see what you think.