Meditation Techniques To Help You When Dealing With Rejection


Dealing with rejection can be so difficult. It doesn’t matter how old or what experiences you may have had; any type of rejection can be incredibly painful. It affects us on an emotional level as well as causing physical pain. But don’t worry, you are not alone if struggling to cope because there are solutions.  

Dealing with rejectionWhen facing rejection, you are likely to experience physical and emotional pain, but it will also have an impact on confidence and self-esteem. Rejection can also impact every decision you make and, can impact future choices because you may start second-guessing yourself. Sadly, it’s impossible to go through life without dealing with rejection in one way or another. While you cannot control every aspect of your life, you can learn to control your response, and this is important.


When dealing with rejection, it’s easy to feel hostile to everyone and everything around you. If you feel really hurt, you are likely to react badly to stressors. You may find it hard to sleep and to even control your emotions. It’s important to try to cope with any stressors that make your environment even more difficult as by doing so, this lessens the effect of those stresses and gives you time and space to deal with your personal feelings.

Tips to dealing with rejection

Try not to take the situation personally. It is easy to say but, you can’t control the thoughts, feelings or agenda of others.

  • It is okay to feel hurt but it is far more important to experience the emotion and to work through it. Unresolved emotional pain can damage health in the long term and will taint future behaviors and experiences.
  • Work on boosting your sense of self-worth. It’s easy to feel slighted when excluded from situations or rejected – whether at work or on a personal level, but, when you work on boosting your confidence and self-esteem, you shift the focus from a negative to a positive.
  • When confidence levels flag, write down those aspects of self which will affirm all the things you do well. Review your list first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This will help to consolidate positive energy.
  • It’s easy to indulge in negative self-talk when you have faced rejection. You may wonder what’s wrong with you or, blame yourself in some way. Don’t. We all face rejection and, it’s horrible. Instead of talking down to yourself, big yourself up. Give yourself a pep talk and a pat on the back. You deserve it.

Dealing with rejection with meditation


Find some quiet time to let the grip of negativity pass. You are not shutting the emotion out but letting peace and positive energy flow through you. Things often happen for a reason. The rejection may turn out better for you in the end, but even if it doesn’t, some quiet contemplation without inward blame, will do you good.

Let the breath cleanse you. Keep your mind fully focused on the inhalation and exhalation. Observe the breath but feel it too. Feel your clarity of mind increasing as life-giving oxygen fills your lungs. Then, visualize the pain of rejection as a darker color tainting the exhalation. With each breath, positive energy fills your lungs healing and soothing and the exhalation continues to take negative feelings away. Focus only on positive energy and immerse yourself into this meditative state.

Do this morning and night and embrace the peace. In a short time, the pain of rejection will dissipate.