Your Adrenal Glands Are Under Threat Right Now – What You Do Next Is Vital


Part One

Adrenal exhaustion is far more common than you might think. These tiny glands produce over fifty types of hormones so, just imagine what would happen if they stopped functioning properly. Your adrenal glands are crucial to life as you know it and so, protect them starting right now. Remember, that prevention is better than cure. 

adrenal glands

What is adrenal fatigue?

Without healthy adrenal glands, the regulation of your blood sugar levels and energy levels will slump dramatically. Adrenal fatigue leads to chronic exhaustion as well as to other health issues. They are a part of the endocrine system and secrete various hormones directly into your bloodstream and this enables them to be absorbed and utilized. They work in a regulatory fashion impacting heart function, the gastrointestinal tract, bones, kidneys and oh yes, they impact the function of the immune system too. If your adrenal glands stop functioning, life as you know it will change.

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