Are You The Perfect Target For The Grandparent Scam?



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Targeting senior citizens in an attempt to steal their life savings, isn’t new. However, it is easier now for the crooks to scam you for money.

The worst part of it all is they will use your grandchildren to scam you.

It goes something like this:

The phone rings and you answer. 

The voice on the other end sounds a little distant, slightly hard to hear. 


“Who is this?” You ask.

“Don’t you recognise my voice grandma?”



“What’s wrong honey?”

“Oh Grandma, I’m in a lot of trouble. Please don’t tell anyone.”

Your first instinct is to ask if he’s called his wife, or mother. Then, he has just about all the information he needs to make his pitch.

“Please, Grandma. Don’t tell Kelly. I’m so ashamed. I need your help. I need to get home. Would you please send me four thousand dollars so I can come home?”

Yeah. It’s like that.

Did you notice the scam artist never used a name first?

The unsuspecting grandma provided that information. All he had to do is say “Grandma?” The male voice would whittle down in your mind just who would be calling you grandma. Then, he is off to the races.

These scam artists know right where to hit a loving grandparent. He tells her that he is alone, he is sorry and ashamed. All he wants to do is to get back home. 

Is there a more heart rendering plea for help?  

These scam artists prey on your emotions. It’s an on the spot call. You are caught off-guard. That’s why they do it the way they do. Because by nature all you want to do is to help your grandchild. 

A call for help is something most of us grandparents won’t ignore. 

When this very scenario happened to my mother, she wasn’t in a position to send any money if she wanted to. And believe me, she wanted to.

It took her sometime before she decided to call me and tell me what had happened. She was certain it was her grandson and he was in trouble. But, she had promised him that she wouldn’t tell anyone. She didn’t want to risk him being mad at her for breaking a confidence.

It took me some time to convince her that her grandson was fine. He was not in trouble. He was not out of state. Finally, she agreed to call him and see for herself. She discovered it was all just a scam.

Beware. There are many new technologies that can make you a target from half-way around the world. If you get a call from a grandchild in distress, let them tell you their name. 

And then, call their mom or dad.