The Truth About Essential Oils: Are They Really That Healthy?


Essential oils aren’t actually essential to anyone. So why we do we spray them, light them, and rub them into our skin? Do they have the power to improve our health?

essential oils healthy?

The name “essential oil” can be misleading. Yet, in its simplest form, it merely refers to the concentrated essence of a plant–“essence-tial.” Every plant contains oil. It can be extracted by steam distillation or mechanical expression.  Then its thick, rich oil can be packaged in many forms; including mixed and molded into candles.

For centuries, essential oils have been used for fragrance, but today, they’re touted for their health and healing properties. However, the first time I inhaled the essence of a lavender candle, I got a migraine. Later, I tried a mixed rub of essential oils when I injured my shoulder. It lessened the pain.

Science says that lavender and tea tree oils can kill some fungi and bacteria.  And if you’ve ever chewed on a clove to help with a toothache, it may make sense to rub some pure, clove oil into a broken or diseased tooth. Therefore these oils may provide for limited health or healing.

But essential oils are not for everyone. If you have sensitive skin or many airborne allergies to plants, they may be on your black-list. In the case of one of my granddaughters, a mixture of essential oils caused a red, burning rash.

What About Candles Used Only For Fragrance?

essential oils healthy?

One of my daughters owns a historic Victorian home. She lines up tiny candles on its hearth and they produce a lovely smell but also a charming glow. And in the grouping, one essential oils candle is enough. 

When we think of the potency of essential oils we can liken them to cold-pressed, virgin olive oil. It’s thick, strong, and has a powerful taste. But some of us like it on our salads with a spritz of lemon. Some have it rubbed into their bodies during a message– the same with essential oils. As for me, they’ve not proven a major health enhancer but I do enjoy the cheerful lift of their fragrance.

Have you enjoyed health benefits from the use of essential oils? How did you use them?