How To Talk To Your Healthcare Team Without Being Disrespected


Doctors, nurses, and insurance companies– oh my! Some talk down to you, others over your head, and some put your on hold for eternity. How can you talk to your healthcare team like a pro?

talk to your doctor, nurse and insurance co. -pro

First, you should relax. When you’re called into the exam room, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the quiet. Sometimes a busy waiting room full of coughing patients can be unnerving. The exam room provides an escape.

When the nurse enters, he or she will generally want to take your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. Uncross your legs and let your arms go limp. If you’re all crossed up and tense, it will reflect that in your reading. 

Chat comfortably with your nurse. Nurses are the first line contact with the medical difficulty you’re experiencing. And if you’ve come for a check-up, they’ll be instructing you on what’s to be expected. Ask your nurse any questions you may have about your visit. If he or she isn’t sure, they’ll find out for you. And they’ll let you know which questions are for the doctor.

One last thing. Your nurse is seeing dozens of patients each day. Give him or her a smile. You’ll probably relax even more.

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