Top 3 Puppies Your Grandchild Would LOVE To Have


Your grandchild has been wanting a puppy and mom and dad gave their permission. Now, let’s go shopping for the perfect pooch.

best dogs for grandkids

First, let’s consider the bulldog. He’s a calm and amusing fellow. He doesn’t need much exercise, so he’ll love to hang out with your grandkids indoors. Plus, he’s good with other dogs, when they come by, and won’t waste his energy barking.

Since he’s a stocky breed, he’s not going to jump on the furniture and a bit of weekly brushing is all he needs to be his handsome self. When you’re thinking about the right dog for your grandchild, consider that the bulldog lives 8 to 10 years. Will your grandson or daughter still be at home when his best buddy passes on? Food for thought.

Second, the beagle is curious and likes to frolic. He’s a great companion for your grandkids and will put up a fuss to protect them. If you’re ok with a little barking, he may be the one.

The Beagle responds well to training and discipline and needs only weekly grooming. This lively pal will live 10-15 years. Because the beagle is loyal and watchful, he may be suitable for the entire family


A dog that will go the extra mile for your grandkids

best dogs for grandkids

Third, is the golden retriever. This friendly and devoted dog loves to burn energy. Thus, he’s a great playmate for the backyard. He needs only occasional grooming, unless he chases a frisbee into the bushes, and barks when he finds it absolutely necessary. 

In addition, the golden retriever is eager to please. He wants the whole family happy and he’ll do his part to make it happen. He’ll live 10 -12 years and dazzle you with his intelligence.

Whenever we consider purchasing a puppy for our grandkids, we should help them do some research to pick the best one. Then assist with pet care lessons.

My grandson wanted a dog for many years before his parents decided to give it a try. Now, our whole family is in love with their new puppy and he travels to grandma’s every time they come.

Have you ever bought a pet for one of your grandkids?