What Are The Best Types Of Exercise Clothing For Seniors?


Seriously, do we have to invest in tight clothes with designer logos and bright, neon colors to get a workout? If so, many of us would stay as we are. But there are comfy and breathable alternatives for those of us who wish to exercise without all the fuss.

exercise clothing for seniors

My best exercise is walking. That means I get up and pull on some stretch pants, a comfy tee, and a hoodie. Nothing is tight, bright or costly. When I belonged to a gym I wore much the same.

My kids wear the latest in designer fabrics, colors, and brands and their running shoes cost a pretty penny. Some of my grandkids wear the same types of sportswear to school. 

However, for us ladies over 50, we need to think about what’s underneath. We need good supportive bras with wide straps and breathable fabrics that allow flexibility without riding up or digging in.

Tops should be loose, breathable cotton and appropriate for the weather and our time of life. If we’re in the throes of menopause, body temperature matters even more. If we have health conditions that cause us to chill easily, those need to be considered.

Loose, rather than form-fitting pants may be more desirable and a wide band around the waste more comfortable.  Give fabric blends mixed with bamboo pulp a try; for comfort and wicking wetness away from the body.

Remember I said my kids invest in high-dollar gym shoes? When it comes to our exercise attire, we must also. Shoes with roomy toe-boxes and ample arch-support, which are also light-weight, work best.

If we’re walkers, we’ll need the correct outerwear. Easy fitting jackets and hoodies allow necessary layering. 

The right clothes plus the right motivation and attitude–all adds up

exercise clothing for seniors

When we start a new exercise routine, it helps to think about our motivation. If it’s to improve health and flexibility, we’re on the right track. We can wear some older clothes until we get into the swing of it, but our shoes should be purchased right away.

My grandkids love to watch me exercise. I may be their most-loved entertainment on those particular weekends. But they’re also helpful in correcting my posture and form.

One last thing about workout wear. I do have a couple bright-colored shirts that match my granddaughter’s. And if your grands want you to match them, now and then, that does a lot for motivation and attitude.

What do you wear for exercise?