2 Things That Parents Really Want from Grandparents


Parenting is hard while grandparenting is less goal-oriented and much of an easy task. But often times, as grandparents, you tend to overstep your role just for you to show your love for your grandkids. This often leads to emotional conflicts in the family. Notice how your children react if you spoil your grandkids too much? Well, there are things that your grandchildren’s mother wants from you. The following are a few of them.

Grandparents want a few things from their parents
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Parents want grandparents to respect boundaries.

As a parent, your kids set house rules for their kids to follow at home. It is only fair if you will set your own house rules for them to follow whenever they visit you. In that way, your grandchildren’s mothers won’t have to remind the kids about their house rules over and over again after visiting you.

In terms of parenting, always remember that the ways of parenting have changed over the years. You can’t expect your children to follow the same parenting method that you used for them. If you believe that you have raised your own children well, have faith that they will definitely do the same.

We also know that, as a way of showing your love to your grandkids, you easily give in to them (who could resist those Puss n’ Boots round eye begging style). But respect your children’s decision if they are strict with your grandkid’s health and diet options. Parents nowadays are more health conscious and aware of the generation’s food options. Don’t feed them secretly with treats if they are not allowed to have one.

They also want your empathy.

Moms would love to share their own challenges in parenting with you. But often times, they hesitate for the fear of you misjudging and giving unsolicited advice rather than empathizing and understanding them. This may prevent them from sharing their insights on parenting. Don’t judge them with words or even by body language especially if their kids are around.

Parents nowadays are very committed to doing their job not only in parenting but also at work. They may need all the help that they can get from you whether running a few errands like groceries or babysitting the kids so they can have date nights on Friday nights.

They also want their efforts, in raising their kids well, acknowledged. Not just that, ask them on how they are doing at work and not just how your grandkids are doing. This will give them a way to somehow vent out their exhaustion but remember, do not judge them. They just need an ear to listen.

Also, when you call your children and it is impossible for them to talk to you, do not be upset. Understand that they have their own family; they may be busy with all your grandchildren’s clutters or even enjoying family dinner. Always ask for a good time to call.

As grandparents, you need to be more understanding. Your children’s way of parenting will help both of you to establish a closer relationship because your children won’t have to feel that they need to compete with you.