Best Poses to Build Strength

By Emily Gay | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-12-18

While yoga is known to strengthen spirit, it is often overlooked as a strength training exercise. Although, unlike weight training which isolates and contracts the muscles, yoga offers a balancing and lengthening workout. Give the weights a rest and break out your beloved yoga mat with these strengthening poses.

strengthening poses
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Chair Pose

Contrary to its simple appearance, this pose stabilizes and activates the muscles from head to toe. As you sit deeply into the position, the knees and ankles stabilize and the thighs engage in order to balance the weight of the body. Moving upward, the core fires as you maintain alignment and reach your arms up to the sky, bringing strength and power through the arms.

strengthening poses
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Extended Triangle Pose

There are a lot more than three points for doing this pose. The thighs and side body are especially targeted in this position, although it also helps to strengthen the knees, ankles, abdominal muscles and back.

strengthening poses
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Boat Pose

This balancing act is optimal for strengthening the core as well as the lower back and hip flexors. The pose requires a great deal of focus and stamina, helping to build muscle endurance and strength from within.

strengthening poses
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