In Pokémon games, leveling up signifies that a Pokémon has gotten stronger. In core Pokémon games, this happens via the Pokémon getting enough experience to climb to the next level. Evolution is also a significant feature of Pokémon games, when Pokémon meet certain requirements such as reaching a certain level of having a high enough friendship with their trainer they can evolve in new and more powerful forms. In Pokémon GO, however, these features are a little bit different than in the usual fashion.

In Pokémon GO, leveling up a Pokémon does not need battle experience, Pokémon need a certain amount stardust and 1 Pokémon candy of its species. For example your starter Pokémon is Bulbasaur and you want to level up Bulbasaur, you need to go into the Pokémon page by tapping the Pokéball icon and selecting Pokémon and then tapping on Bulbasaur. Once you’re in Bulbasaur’s stats page you can press the POWER UP button and spend the displayed amount on stardust and candy to perform a level up. Evolution works by the same process except you need to tap on the EVOLVE button and you don’t have to spend stardust, only a high amount of candies. The stardust you spend will vary from 200 up to 10,000 depending on the current level of your Pokémon, Evolution also needs a higher amount of candies the closer the Pokémon is to their final form.

When you level up or evolve your Pokémon, you will see that their CP (combat power) and HP will increase, you won’t see it but their attack and defense will also increase. Evolution can also change a Pokémon’s moves, like a Rattata that knows Tackle and Body Slam can evolve into a Raticate that knows Quick Attack and Hyper Beam. Leveling up and evolving your Pokémon will help you in Pokémon battles that you will surely com to face in the near future.

Images: Youtube / AbdallahSmash026

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