The Big Bang Theory wasn’t Galecki’s first success in television. 

Most people know him as Leonard Hofstadter, leading character in The Big Bang Theory, but there’s more to Johnny Galecki; he’s had a big fan following since his early days on Roseanne, a TV show from the 80-90s. It’s hard to conceal interesting facts or weird stories from the public when you’ve been in the spotlight for three decades, but we’ll try to give you something new. DumpaDay. comJohnny with his lightsaber

Here’s our list of 3 things you may not know about Johnny Galecki!

Crazy nickname

Okay, this one is bizarre and sort of rated PG13. On an appearance on the Conan O’Brien show on TBS, Johnny mentioned how everyone in his hometown of Chicago and his neighborhood had a nickname. Obviously, since he himself had brought it up, Conan asked what was Johnny’s nickname back in the day and without hesitation, Johnny said “B*tchfingers”. Which, understandably, made Conan really uncomfortable, if not a bit shocked to hear something like that. The crowd loved this, however. Johnny was unable to elaborate on the origin of this pretty weird nickname. He did mention that it was a bartender named Boosh who came up with such a nickname for the future Big Bang Theory star. 

Well, there you go, Johnny is a real down-to-earth kind of guy who runs with the ordinary  crowd and gets nicknames that some celebrities would probably try to conceal. Not Galecki, though. And good for him!

Top-grossing actor

The Big Bang Theory took Hollywood by a storm. There are, on average, 20 million viewers for each episode and the show is a CBS’ flagship. This success was mirrored by the actors’ incomes. Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki overshadowed none other than Ashton Kutcher as the top paid actors in Hollywood. The report from Forbes placed them top of the list. 

With such an immense success of the series, top actors of The Big Bang Theory reportedly demanded $1 million per episode. And they got it. We can imagine some of them being a little sad about the potential of the show coming to an end. 

Great Secret keeper

 Photo by John Shearer/Invision for Alzheimer's Association/AP ImagesPhoto by John Shearer/Invision for Alzheimer’s Association/AP Images

If you want to share a secret with someone in the cast – you should choose Johnny. Well, or Kaley. Yep, you know where this is going. They were not only an on-screen couple, as Leonard and Penny dated in real life for about two years and did a great job of keeping this below the radar. After separating in 2009 the two remained good friends. And that was great news for the fans! Imagine how the whole cast chemistry would work if two of the main characters were a bitter ex-couple.

With all the media exposure that Johnny Galecki had over the many years on TV – he remained a pretty cool guy with some lesser-known fun stories about him. Hopefully, as the years go by we learn even more stories about him and finally get to the bottom of why his was “B*tchfingers”!


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