Watch The Top 10 Most Badass Daryl Dixon Moments On The Walking Dead


Daryl Dixon is an icon on The Walking Dead. Perhaps more than anyone else, he’s the character who fans love the most. In fact, many fans have signed on for the “If Daryl Dies, We Riot” mentality.

Whether he’s crushing a zombie’s face with his bare hands, shooting a crossbow off a motorcycle, or making a zombie-ear necklace, Daryl Dixon is a badass. In this collection from Watch Mojo, we highlight some of our favorite Dixon moments.

In the beginning, it took five guys to kill one walker. Now, Daryl Dixon and the others can kill herds with a single knife.

Daryl Dixon Is The Ultimate Badass On The Walking Dead

While five guys are trying to beat up one walker, Daryl Dixon is the one who arrives to tell them they’re missing the big picture. Daryl has some squirrels and other game over his shoulder as he tells them to destroy the brain.

“Rick Grimes? You got something you want to tell me?” said an angry Daryl Dixon. At this point in the story, Rick had just left Daryl’s brother, Merle Dixon, handcuffed to a pipe in Atlanta.

Eventually, they became brothers.

Beat Downs, Stand-Offs, And Fistfights

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Over the years, Daryl has got better and better at getting out of tight spots. In one scenario, Daryl dropped his gun and arrows to pick up a chain. With a single swing, he killed three walkers.

Later, when he and Beth were alone in a funeral home, some walkers arrived. Daryl made sure that Beth was safe. Daryl used medical tools and anything else he could find to kill about half a dozen walkers.

In another scene, Daryl stared down Negan. Daryl didn’t care who Negan was, so he stared him down without a second thought. Later on, he got tortured and had to eat dog food, but that didn’t stop his fight.

Daryl doesn’t flinch, which reminds us of Cool Hand Luke or even Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai. In the end, Daryl is always the one who does what he thinks is right. This hasn’t ever been a problem, until the most recent season.

Daryl Dixon isn’t one to show fear, no matter what he faces

What’s your favorite Daryl Dixon badass moment?

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