WATCH: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Like You’ve Never Seen Him (Oh, It’s Good!)

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In one of the most talked about moments of The Walking Dead Season 7, Negan forced Carl to remove his eye bandage and then instructed him to “sing me a song.” After a few nervous stops and starts, Carl wavered through a frightening rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.” Now, it turns out that Negan might’ve been even more nervous if the tables were turned!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, was a guest on the web series Popcorn With Peter Travers earlier this month. Travers, if you didn’t know, is the longtime film reviewer for Rolling Stone magazine. As such, the two had a lot to talk about.

The conversation quickly turned to the 2011 independent film, Peace Love & Misunderstanding. There’s a scene in the movie where Morgan and actress Catherine Keener perform a song together. Morgan reveals the scene was filmed at a real music festival and it was the most miserable experience of his life.

That, of course, leads Travers to goad Morgan into performing a song for him right there on the spot. At first, Morgan demurs by saying he can’t think of a song, but Travers eventually helps him settle on one. It’s not “You Are My Sunshine,” but it will probably surprise you nonetheless…

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