The 5 Greatest Near Death Fight Scenes On The Walking Dead


There hasn’t been a better set of enemies than Rick Grimes and Negan on The Walking Dead. Based on the finale, it doesn’t look like the disagreements are going to end anytime soon. However, Rick Grimes seems to currently have the upper hand, but there were several close calls where one almost killed the other.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In reality, the first kill happened at the end of Season 6 on The Walking Dead. Rick gathered his troops, made a deal with Hilltop, and then went to kill the Saviors. But, as we now know, this was merely an outpost. As Michonne and Rick discussed which one was Negan, they soon found out their world was getting bigger once more.

It wasn’t until the end of Season 6 that Rick Grimes met the real Negan. Most fans would like to forget about this scene, but it showed Rick that there will always be greater evils to face.

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