Will Walking Dead Make This Mistake Season 8?


Jeffrey Dean Morgan On Negan’s Backstory

Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Photo Credit USA Today
Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Photo Credit USA Today

Everyone wants to hear Negan’s backstory, but that could be a mistake. Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants for fans to “start seeing slivers of who this guy is beyond the brutality that we saw [last season].”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan really wants for the writers to do a full episode on Negan’s backstory. Either way, the more we see Negan, the more he will talk about himself. So a backstory / flashback episode is possible.

However, this could be a mistake.

When To Reveal The Villain’s Past

The Joker | Photo Credit The Dark Knight
The Joker | Photo Credit The Dark Knight

When a writer reveals a villain’s backstory, it can either be fascinating or fall flat. Darth Vader was terrifying but it was a major shock to also find out that he was Luke Skywalker’s father.

However, with Batman, the Joker’s backstory is never revealed, which makes him all the more menacing. In The Dark Knight, he even lists off several possible backstories to confuse his enemies.

This is also what is scary about the walkers since it doesn’t matter about their backstory. They’re just flesh-eaters. This could really make or break Negan as a character to be feared.

“Behind The Leather Jacket…”

Here's Negan | Photo Credit Image Comics
Here’s Negan | Photo Credit Image Comics

Jeffrey Dean Morgan added, “The most fascinating stuff that I’ve got to do this year is seeing behind the leather jacket a little bit. And we’ll find more. We’re finding more all the time, but I think the writers and [showrunner Scott M. Gimple] have a plan for Negan, and I’m really liking how it’s playing out thus far.”

However, The Walking Dead has tried to show a villain’s backstory before and it didn’t really hold up. The Governor and his melodrama wasn’t as important because we know what’s he done to our heroes.

This could also be true for Negan. Fans of the comic book know that the issues “Here’s Negan” tells what happened to Negan, but the show could slightly change things. Either way, it could be risky to show Negan’s other side.

In the end, it will all come down to how the present Negan as a man before the outbreak.

Do you think Negan could possibly become a likable character?