Andrew Lincoln Warns Fans Of “Big Deaths”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since Season 8 will be based on Robert Kirkman’s “All Out War” saga, it’s no surprise there will be major deaths this season. However, Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln’s comments make us wonder who will bite the bullet (or get bitten).

“There’s some big deaths this season, just to warn everybody,” said the actor. Andrew Lincoln also confirmed that there wasn’t that many major deaths in the comic, so the show could be drastically different.

In the comic, Aaron’s boyfriend Eric and Shiva both died.

Scott Gimple Talks “Unexpected” Deaths

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

Showrunner Scott Gimple added, “I will say, when death came to the narrative when we were making this, people were pretty shocked by it, and there are some very difficult times for the heroes ahead – though in unexpected ways. Almost, strangely unexpected even in the midst of a narrative called ‘All Out War’.”

Gimple thinks that big deaths will catch people by surprise. It’s hard to imagine who they could feasibly let go, but after Glenn and Abraham, anyone is game. Even Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon could die, based on the way the show kills heroes.

More than likely, however, it could mean the end for Morgan.

Who Will Die Next On The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Andrew Lincoln said “big deaths” and that makes us think it could be someone from the very beginning. Despite not being in every season, Morgan was in the pilot episode and then came back for the past three seasons.

He seemed like he was in a good place last season, but that all ended when Benjanmin was killed by the Saviors. Metaphorically, Morgan even shaped his peaceful staff (not killing device) into a spear (killing device).

Everything Eastman had taught him slowly crept away when Benjamin died and this led to Morgan killing Richard. One of last year’s most shocking moments was when Morgan killed Richard with his bare hands.

If Morgan isn’t the next to die, it could be anyone’s guess who might die next.

Do you think Morgan will die in Season 8 of The Walking Dead?

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