New Report Shows THIS Happens 2 Million Times For Every Episode You Watch


The Walking Dead Most Talked About Award

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Entertainment Weekly

Not only is The Walking Dead one of the most watched shows, but it’s also one of the most talked about series. According to the official TWD Magazine, the Nielsen’s Social Contract Ratings said it is the most tweeted, posted, and conversed show today.

According to the report, every episode in Season 7 had over 2 million interactions per episode. This means they tracked conversations on Twitter and Facebook that likely had hashtags or messages relating to the show.

It squashed every other show as Empire came in second with 860,000 mentions per episode and about half that for third place, The Bachelor.

The Proof Behind The Madness

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The creators of The Walking Dead always felt like they had the most engaged fans in the world and now there’s proof. Fans of the zombie drama are continually sharing information on the show.

That means, when Daryl Dixon was in prison or when Spencer’s guts were pouring out, fans were tweeting about it. When Morgan killed Richard with his bare hands or when Maggie took over Hilltop, fans were posting about it.

In fact, it’s probably unsafe to check social media if you haven’t caught up with the series!

Season 8 Will Likely Beat The Record

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Surprisingly, Season 7 is one of the worse rated seasons so far for the series. Many fans left the show because they were upset with the premiere. They hated to lose two major characters in such a quick and brutal way.

But everything that happened in Season 7 is leading to a triumphant Season 8 for The Walking Dead. Fans are used to seeing short arcs, but a series this big is taking story arcs passed individual seasons.

Everything that happened last year was meant to cause conflict for the new season. This means that All Out War will likely be the most violent, action-packed season we’ve seen since perhaps the very first season.

Fans are tweeting and posting, even more, this year.

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