Season 3 Premieres With Huge Character Death

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Season 3 two-part debut for Fear the Walking Dead may have been one of the best episodes the show has seen so far. One major thing has everyone worried though, seeing as another character was just killed off the show.

The tragic and shocking death of Travis essentially leaves a vacuum on the show. Rumors believe that actor Cliff Curtis wanted to leave the show, but this means that Madison now must step up to be the leader.

The show wants her to be Rick, but Rick she’s not.

Madison Must Now Lead Fear

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Forbes writes:

“But this is the woman who turned on the hotel lights and put everyone in terrible danger. [Madison’s] a woman who has no patience for diplomacy or subtlety, who will waltz into a mob-controlled warehouse and demand information on her son, who will talk about “taking over” a heavily armed and fortified compound rather than discuss ways they can get along with its current occupants.”

“Madison is just not a great character, and she acts like she’s way tougher and more bad-ass than she actually is.”

Travis Is Gone, But What’s Next For Fear?

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

This doesn’t mean that Travis was a great character, but since he better understood those around him and also was a fan favorite, the death was shocking for fans of the show who wanted to learn more about Travis. This is especially true after part one of the premiere, where he killed tons of walkers.

Forbes wrote, “He was a gladiator fighting in an undead arena and he kicked ass and took names.” Travis has been killed and ever since Nick flew off the deep end, there’s no real sturdy characters on the show.

Now Travis is dead and we’re not sure what that means for the future of Fear.

Did you expect this tragic death on Fear the Walking Dead?

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