Rick’s Statement To The Scavengers Has SHOOK The Fandom


“I’m walking out, now,” said Rick Grimes. “Me walking out means all of you die… You can play your games, draw your pictures, sculpt whatever sh*t you want, but I am leaving. After that, maybe you should just run.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For nearly two seasons now, it seems like Rick Grimes has been trying to prove himself to the Saviors. After another failed Gladiator-walker fight, it’s clear that he’s got nothing to prove to these dumpster divers.

“We done?” asked Rick Grimes, for the last time. The most important statement he made was “…maybe you should just run.”

Rick Grimes Has Lost Respect For the Scavengers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When the Scavengers double-crossed Rick Grimes last season, they appeared to be fierce rivals. In fact, many fans even thought that Jadis and the others may one-day turn out to the Whisperers.

But after Rick Grimes single-handedly took down several of their men while being tied up, it’s clear they’re not rivals. In fact, besides adding numbers, they’re not much use at all for our hero.

Telling them to run is like telling them they’re useless.

Trouble In Paradise When Rick Returns

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite the fighting, Rick Grimes has captured the respect of the Scavengers. In order to do so though, it meant losing his respect for them. Now he’s got his army again, but his plan has gone haywire without him.

Rick Grimes returns to the Sanctuary to find that the walkers are gone. With the walkers not surrounding the Sanctuary, we can also assume that the Saviors are gone. This could mean trouble for Alexandria.

For Rick, the next move will likely be to take his new army to Alexandria. After he makes sure that Michonne and Carl Grimes are safe, he’ll hopefully recall Eugene’s previous idea to make bullets.

The next major battle will likely occur at the bullet-making factory. As a viewer, it’s unclear how quick the timeline is moving along. It would appear that Rick only spent a few hours with the Scavengers, but the back-and-forth isn’t clear.

If too much time has passed, our hero and his troops are going to be in trouble.

What use do you think the Scavengers are for Rick Grimes?

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