New Fan Theory Believes John Dory Is Rick Grimes Long Lost Brother


Rick Grimes and John Dory have a few things in common. Both men were former police officers. Both were men looking for their loved ones. And, both were immediately embraced by fans of The Walking Dead. But, what makes this new fan theory so interesting?

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the comic book from Robert Kirkman, Rick Grimes has a brother named Jeffrey. In a book known as The Walking Dead: The Alien, fans met Jeffrey “Jeff” Grimes. He’s the man who introduced Lori and Rick because he was good friends with Lori. Rick got stronger as a kid because he had to constantly defend his little brother.

Jeff got into construction work temporarily, but then decided to travel because of a book called Homage to Catalonia. However, he then learned that his brother had been shot was reported as traveling back to the states, which would have been around the time of the outbreak.

There was somewhat of a mystery ending to Jeff, which involved a bite, but some fans believe he will still show up on AMC. In fact, many fans believe that John Dory might be Rick Grimes’ brother. With Andrew Lincoln talking about an exit, we’re starting to believe it as well.

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