Negan’s Plan For Rick Grimes Will Backfire If He Keeps Doing THIS To His People


“People are a resource,” said Negan in Season 8 episode 5, “Big Scary U.” The title comes from Gregory, but the story focuses on Negan, his backstory, and his plan for Rick Grimes.

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“People are the foundation of what we are building!” screamed Negan, amongst his key team members. With the slam of Lucille on the table, Negan reminds Simon that they can’t keep killing people because they need them.

Negan wants to keep everyone alive but he’s doing so to keep them oppressed. In order for that to work, he needs Rick Grimes brought in alive.

Negan Believes Rick Grimes Caused Backslide

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“Are you confused about who we are?” asked Negan. “Are we backsliding, Simon?” At this point, it’s clear that Negan is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the foundation of his principles in order.

We’re reminded that Dwight is also at the table and he’s got the burns on his face to remind everyone what happens when you double-cross Negan. Here, in this meeting, we’re reminded Negan will do whatever it takes to win.

Negan then uses Simon’s own words against him.

Negan Tells The Gang True “Plan A”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Plan A is taking Rick, the widow, and King Assface alive and making them dead in a very, very public and instructive way,” screamed Negan. “We kill the right people in the wrongest way possible and we make them all watch.”

About this time, Rick Grimes fires three shots in the air. This, of course, comes from the Season 8 premiere. When Negan came out and said he was in a meeting, this was the truth. It’s not just a quirky tale for Rick Grimes.

During this conversation, we’re reminded of Negan’s tactics towards Glenn and Abraham. By killing them in the “wrongest” way possible, he was able to take down Rick Grimes and the others, if only for a limited time.

Now, Negan wants to bring in Rick Grimes, Maggie, and King Ezekiel so he can kill them and hang them on his walker fence. We learned this from Gunther in the last episode, but his methods may change as Rick takes down more of his men.

What do you think Negan will do to Father Gabriel on The Walking Dead?

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