Is Morgan Going To Kill… [SPOILER QUESTION]


When Jesus wins the argument to take the Savior prisoners to Maggie, Morgan, and Tara and upset to say least. However, there is one Savior that we want to see Morgan kill as soon as possible. This is, of course, Jared who killed Benjamin.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In true “whistling while you work” fashion, the Savior whistles behind Morgan as they walk to Hilltop. A moment later, he brings up something that fans of the show wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what’s different about you,” said the Savior.

This Savior Is Asking To Be Executed

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Something is definitely different. I think I finally got it. It’s your armor. It’s different. Smaller. Almost like it shrunk or something,” said the Savior. Oh sh*t, is that the kid’s…? It is isn’t it? Why the hell would you wear that? Didn’t do sh*t for him…”

At this point, Morgan turns and points his rifle at the man. This stops all of the other Saviors in their tracks. Luckily for this Savior, “walkers on the hill” arrive and cause enough chaos to distract Morgan.

Then, this Savior makes a mistake and runs off into the woods.

Morgan Hunts Down Runaway Saviors, But…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There are a few groups of Saviors tied together, like criminals in O, Brother Where Art Thou or Cool Hand Luke. One team runs out into the woods, but the other group is tripped up by a Savior who knows the effort is futile.

Out in the woods, Morgan hunts down the escaping group. With rifle in hand, he takes out one of the men, and the dead weight stops the group from getting away. In the next second, he’s about to kill the Savior who killed Benjamin.

As he raises his gun, however, Jesus arrives and stops him. Morgan gets off the second shot, but Jesus causes him to miss Jared. At this point, Morgan takes his rage and uses it on Jesus.

The two get into a rough fistfight in the woods as the others arrive to help out with the prisoners. Luckily, Jesus can handle himself, and he’s got the mindset not to get enraged as he defends but doesn’t necessarily attack.

Jesus likely doesn’t understand the whole scenario, or else may have let Morgan go ahead and kill Jared but not the others.

Do you think Morgan will get the chance to kill Jared?


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