BREAKING: Melissa McBride Finally Reveals Carol’s “Real Reaction” To Glenn’s Death…


Carol Learns About Glenn And Abraham’s Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since Carol just found out about Glenn and Abraham’s death, it makes sense for actress Melissa McBride to also reflect upon her time with actor Steven Yeun. Glenn was certainly a fan favorite and perhaps the most controversial death so far.

While Carol is certainly closer to Daryl Dixon than anyone else, she’ll obviously miss Glenn a great deal. There are only a few characters left who have been on the show since the very beginning.

Melissa McBride spoke with Comic Book about working with Steven Yeun.

Melissa McBride On Steven Yuen

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“My favorite thing about working with Steven was just seeing him develop from when we all first got there to the time he left,” said the actress. “Just watching him grow and become so, just such an amazing, seasoned, wonderful, beautiful actor.

McBride added, “I loved to watch him as a human being. Just to get to know him as a human being. He truly is one of my favorite people. We never really had any scene scenes together, except one that never made it to the episode.”

It’s odd to think the two didn’t work together more than they did.

Carol Saves Glenn, Rick, Daryl…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On The Walking Dead, characters get separated left and right. The more heroic or adventurous characters often get paired up together when they go on supply runs, but Glenn was usually with someone he loved or someone he couldn’t trust.

Glenn certainly risked his life as much if not more than any other character on the show. This led to him, Bob, Rick, and Daryl almost being killed at Terminus until Carol came out of nowhere to save them all.

With only a few more episodes this season, it’s likely we’ll see Carol think more about her time with Glenn and Abraham as she prepares for battle.

What was your favorite Glenn Rhee moment from The Walking Dead?

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