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Carol’s Relationships With Morgan And Daryl

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Carol has a very different relationship with Daryl and Morgan, but both are strong influences in her life, and she deeply cares for each. Carol and Morgan have often been like the yin and yang, while Daryl has been there in a cultivating nature.

Despite how strong these three characters need one another, each of them have spent time running away from everyone. Most recently, Carol tried her best to escape everyone in search for peace.

If not peace, she at least wanted a lack of war, but found the opposite.

Melissa McBride Discusses Morgan And Daryl

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Actress Melissa McBride spoke with AMC about Carol’s unique relationships with both Daryl and Morgan. “It’s been amazing working with each of them. They’ve very different relationships,” she concluded.

“There’s such a deep, special place in my heart for Carol and Daryl,” said McBride. “They’ve come such a long way together and through very similar histories… just watching them both struggle on their own—how Daryl is coping with this world.”

The actress spoke about how each character has trouble getting close to others.

“The relationship with Morgan is very contentious, but at the same time, Carol recognizes he’s a good man and they’re coming from a very similar mindset. They both wish they didn’t have to kill to survive,” confirmed McBride.

This battle has been the backbone of both Morgan and Carol over the past season or two. Carol has literally been trying to run away while Morgan has been trying to teach others that peace is the answer.

Can Carol And Morgan Live As Killers?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC


Unfortunately, thanks to Negan more than the walkers, this is not the way things actually are since the outbreak. The walkers seemed to be the most evil thing in the world, but then true evil rose to the surface.

Now, Carol and Morgan will have to figure out if they can survive while killing because that’s, unfortunately, the only way to live.

Do you think Carol and Morgan can cope with who they must become?

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