This Is Hands-Down The Best Scene For One Reason


Rick Grimes And Aaron Look For Supplies

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Aaron actor Ross Marquand has revealed that his favorite episode comes from “Hearts Still Beating.” In the episode, recruiter Aaron and Rick Grimes head out to find supplies.

What they do find is an abandoned houseboat. The deceased owner, however, did not want to make it easy on those who might inheritance his supplies. He filled a boat with bullet holes, left a nasty note, and filled the pond with walkers.

Aaron and Rick had to do their best to make it across the floating walker maze.

Andrew Lincoln Empties Out His Boot

The Walking Dead Mag | Photo Credit AMC

On set, it was a different story all together. Actor Andrew Lincoln said it was one of the more difficult scenes of his career. Not only was the boat sinking, but they were paddling with boards and they had to do it over and over again to get the shots.

As for the crew, various floaters held equipment and stuntman were dressed as inflated walkers. Other bodies floated around, which were made up of props. The actors worked in full uniforms while the cameramen wore their swimsuits.

Above, Andrew Lincoln empties out his boot.

The Glorious Life Of Making Television

The Walking Dead Mag | Photo Credit AMC

For many shows on television, there is a lot of glamour involved. For those who work on The Walking Dead, however, they’re certainly earning their paychecks. Every week, Rick is faced with some new, possibly filthy, challenge.

Andrew Lincoln did this shot over and over again to make sure it looked great on television. In other scenes this season, he also had to fight a walker made of spears in a dump.

In the past, he’s had to cover himself with walker guts just to get around. The actor has certainly put in the hard work for this series. What’s unusual is that Lincoln has still not been given an Emmy nod for his role as the hero, Rick Grimes.

What was your favorite part from episode, “Hearts Still Beating?”

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