The Number One Reason Why More Crossovers And Spin-Offs Are Coming To The Walking Dead


Not long ago, it didn’t seem like a possibility that Fear and The Walking Dead would ever cross paths but Morgan Jones changed all of that this season. Thanks to the initial crossover, some fans are wondering if other characters will jump shows. In fact, the Governor actor David Morrissey would like to reprise his role.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Since Scott Gimple has been promoted to oversee both Walking Dead shows, there’s a chance for more crossover and for new spin-offs on AMC. “I would love to play the role again,” said Governor actor David Morrissey (The Missing, Centurion). “However, there are no plans to do it. Not my knowledge, anyway.”

For fans who would like to see the Governor back on the small screen, this theoretical reprisal could mean that the villain will arrive on Fear. In addition, the show could also create a long version of his backstory, The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, written by Robert Kiriman and Jay Bonansinga.

Either way, actor David Morrissey is up to play “The Governor” once again. 

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