There’s ONLY 3 Reasons Rick Saw The Scavengers By Himself


Over the past two seasons, Rick Grimes has been working to earn Jadis’ respect. He thought he earned it last season, but then she double-crossed him. Rick no longer respects Jadis or the other Scavengers.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At this point during the war, Rick Grimes is thinking about the future and the troops. With the Kingdom essentially gone, he’s down one-third of his army. As numbers go, the Scavengers can clear up any doubts that the non-Saviors may have.

But, as he discovers he can take out several of their people with his hands tied, he now doubts their necessity.

Rick Grimes Single-Handedly Takes Out Scavengers

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Rick Grimes first met the Scavengers, they made him fight Winslow. This time, they felt like they could put a walker on a leash and tie Rick’s hands. But Rick Grimes still won the battle and even threw Jadis on the ground.

Overall, this scene proved that Rick is tougher than he looks. More importantly, it proved that the Scavengers are less tough than they look. Finally, if this was Rick’s only plan, it makes us wonder if he isn’t being foolish.

So why did Rick Grimes go see the Scavengers by himself?

Luck, Plan, Or Pure Foolishness?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick gave Jadis an ultimatum: help us or we will destroy you. But with Daryl Dixon off on his own mission, Carol missing, and everyone else doing their own, what was his real plan for the Scavengers?

Unless Daryl Dixon also abandoned Rick, there wasn’t anyone waiting on him to return as far as we can tell. If Rick Grimes only plan was to fight the Scavengers himself, that would be foolish.

Perhaps his timeline didn’t play out, but it almost seems like he was weighing too much on luck. Sure, he took down a few Scavengers, but anyone of them could have shot him if Jadis didn’t raise her hand to stop them.

Maybe Rick knew they were all truly weak, but there’s no indication of that. In fact, he’s got the bullet wound on his side to prove otherwise.

Rick Grimes finally earned Jadis’ respect, but why do you think he did so in such a foolish manner?

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