You Never Noticed This Small Walking Dead Tribute Hidden In The New Pirates Movie


Johnny Depp’s Cameo On Walking Dead

Johnny Depp Head | Photo Credit Norman Reedus
Johnny Depp Head | Photo Credit Norman Reedus

Back in Season 6, a few fans noticed one of the walker heads used to replicate Gregory looked pretty familiar. Later, Greg Nicotero’s team confirmed that one of the heads was resembled to look like actor Johnny Depp.

Since then, it’s also been confirmed that actor Norman Reedus has taken the head home with him to take photos of for BigBaldHead or perhaps to use to scare neighbors and party guests…

Well, the Pirates have struck back.

New Pirates Film Pays Back Dead

Pirates | Photo Credit Disney
Pirates | Photo Credit Disney

Movie Pilot reports:

Now, “There might be a huge Easter Egg to The Walking Dead hidden within Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (and no, it has nothing to do with “dead” in the title).”

“In the beginning of the film, we see Jack Sparrow slated for execution once again as he gets to be one of the first lucky contestants to test out the new invention: the guillotine.”

“However, he was not the first person to be placed on the torture mechanism. When the basket is slid into place, Jack suddenly realizes there are already a couple of heads in the basket…”

Andrew Lincoln’s Cameo In Pirates

Pirates | Photo Credit Disney
Pirates | Photo Credit Disney

Surprisingly, one of the heads in the basket looks a lot like Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. And, the shot was only on the screen for a split second, but it looks like the model was certainly meant to look like Rick Grimes.

Now, Antonio Ferme confirms:

“The head on the left is clearly modeled after Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. This is a pretty neat easter egg as Johnny Depp “appeared” on The Walking Dead. Now, the Pirates of the Caribbean team are returning the favor by adding the show’s main cast member’s detached head into their movie.”

All of these major shows are starting to play off one another in an interesting way. This season of Game of Thrones, Tyrion even referred to the “walking dead men” to reference the white walkers. 

So, what do you think of this awesome tribute?

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