Why Glenn Is The Reason Season 4 Is Alanna ‘Tara’ Masterson’s Favorite On TWD


“I think my favorite season would be season four,” said Alanna Masterson (Tara) at the San Diego Comic-Con. The actress best known as Tara on The Walking Dead revolved around the prison and the Governor’s attack.

“I was first coming in and I read the script and I was coming in with the Governor. I was like, Ohhh, no one is going to like me…” said the actress. Luckily, her character was written in to eventually become one of the good guys.

Mainly, this was because of Glenn Rhee actor Steven Yeun.

Alanna Masterson Talks About Steven Yeun

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“But then I got to meet Steven [Yeun] and the bridge the gap between the people that were new. We had the most fun that season, playing pranks on each other, doing stupid stuff, and singing karaoke,” said Alanna Masterson.

During the season, Tara was essentially invited in due to Glenn’s kindness. The battle had already ended at the prison and lives were lost. Luckily, Glenn saw something in Tara and decided to work with her rather than try and kill her. Ironically, this is a kindness Rick now needs with the Saviors.

“That would be my favorite season. Steven is the best,” said Alanna Masterson. 

Maggie Helped Glenn And Tara Find The Way

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Together, Tara and Glenn went after Maggie and the other survivors. Luckily, they found a trailer of breadcrumbs. Graffiti signs like “Glenn, Go To Terminus. Maggie” eventually led the duo to safety.

Meanwhile, Maggie was also looking for Glenn. Both came close to finding things they didn’t want to see. In the end, they finally found one another but it was basically at the hands of a new enemy.

Thankfully, Glenn’s opinion of Tara was correct in the end. Now, she’s one of the good guys and she’s working with Rick Grimes to fight the Saviors. Like Maggie, she’s probably often reminded of Glenn’s decision making.

We didn’t see a lot of Tara in the past two seasons because she got lost with Oceanside temporarily (and had a baby in real life). Now, however, she’s fighting for the memories of Glenn and her loved one, Denise.

What do you miss most about Glenn from The Walking Dead?

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