[SPOILER] Aaron Actor May Have Just Revealed Next Plot Point


Ross Marquand Talks Aaron Future On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The cast and crew of The Walking Dead are celebrating 100 episodes and thinking of the next 100. Alanna Masterson wants more of a leadership role. Lauren Cohan wants peace for her baby. Surprisingly, Ross Marquand wants darkness for Aaron, and he’ll get it.

One of our main predictions for Aaron this season on The Walking Dead is that Eric will be one of the first casualties of the war. That puts Aaron in a dark place. In fact, he stays in a rough spot until Jesus helps him out of it.

Ross Marquand is often seen as comic relief as an impressionist, so he’s looking forward to this change of pace.

Finding His Darkness And Exploring It

Aaron on The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I want him to find his darkness… One of the great things that I remember reading in the comics was that Aaron has this switch,” said Ross Marquand. “There’s a really pivotal thing that happens in the comics and after that. He really goes to this dark place and becomes sort of this kind of berserker mode warrior…”

Marquand went on to say that neither he nor the character condones random violence, but the Saviors have proven they can’t be reasoned with. Aaron prides himself in being reasonable and polite, but that all comes to an end.

Aaron will change a great deal in the next sixteen episodes of The Walking Dead.

Stop Taking Punches, Start Giving Them…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“[Aaron’s] a man that has operated for decades under the idea that you can always, always find some sort of common ground with someone. So it’s a real point of contention for him that he can’t with these men. They literally cannot see reason. He cannot see any sort of goodness in them because they can’t see any goodness in themselves.”

Ross Marquand wants to see Aaron flip that switch and go dark for a while. It will mean a mental breakdown for the character, but he’s been “too nice for too long.” This relates to that scene last season when Aaron got beat up for no reason.

The actor believes he’s been beaten up too much and now it’s time to throw down.

Do you think we’ll see this major change in Aaron in Season 8 of TWD?