Aaron’s Brutal Beating Was The Real Breaking Point For Rick

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

After a depressing series of episodes where Rick had completely submitted to Negan, The Walking Dead mid-season finale saw Rick finally come around. He showed the first signs of taking a stand against Negan.

It took a lot to break Rick in the first place. After the deaths of Glenn and Abraham in the season premiere, the rest of the group seemed broken.

Rick remained defiant, so Negan took him for a drive and put him up against a group of walkers. When Rick survived, Negan forced him to cut off Carl’s arm (although Negan stopped him before he could actually do it) — only then was Rick’s will truly broken.

When Rick discovered the deaths of both Spencer and Olivia in the mid-season finale, it seemed clear his mind was made up to take a stand. Just before that though, Rick had witnessed Aaron being beaten by the Saviors for a note that neither of them were actually responsible for.

According to series star Andrew Lincoln, that was the moment Rick knew he had to act. And he has some things to say about the situation you’ll want to hear.

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