Aaron And Eric Have The Most Touching Moment… Rewatch This…


There have been some truly heartbreaking scenes on The Walking Dead. In Season 8, Aaron and Eric share another touching moment. Unfortunately, it’s because it appears to be the end of Eric’s life.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Amidst the sounds of gunshots and walker snarls, Aaron and Eric leave the battle and head towards an old tree. There, Eric is doing his best to survive a shot to the gut, which was the cliffhanger for Episode 2, “The Damned.”

“There’s an exit wound,” said Aaron. “That’s good.”

Aaron And Eric Share Last Moment Together

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The plan, here, is to keep the pressure on the wound until they can get to the Kingdom and visit the doctor. Realizing things could easily take a turn for the worse, Aaron looked and his beloved and said, “I’m so sorry.”

Jokingly, Eric replied, “Are you the one who shot me?” The two share a quick laugh, but then Aaron reiterates his point. “I pulled you into this. You didn’t want to fight,” he said.

“Until I did,” confirmed the injured man, now clearly on his deathbed.

What’s Next For Aaron On TWD?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In his final moments, Eric tells Aaron to leave and help the others. In some ways, the couple is talking about the present, but in many ways, they’re talking about the future. They need Aaron for the future of their people.

In this touching moment, it’s unlikely that they’re both considering it’s the last time. However, when Aaron finishes the fight with the Saviors, he returns to find out there’s nothing left of his love but a pile of blood.

In the distance, Aaron looks up to see his boyfriend walking away with the other walkers. Apparently, the gunshot was too much for Eric, who bled out and died not long before Aaron returned.

This touching moment was a good sendoff for Eric, but it also means that Aaron is likely going to spiral into a dark place. We know that Aaron is brave, but it’s unclear what’s next for him on the series.

When he takes Baby Gracie from Rick at the end, it’s unclear why.

What do you think is next for Aaron on The Walking Dead?

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